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What happened then? 

Summit #8 took place from the 18th till the 24th of February 2016, gathering people from the international OuiShare community. Here is a review of what we shared and worked on, with extra links if you want some more!

Day 1 - Time to reconnect

This was the day to say hello to everyone, welcome all the new people attending and sharing the agenda of the summit.

In the morning, we got to know each other, shared what our motivation for coming to the OuiShare Summit and draft a map of the people and projects of OuiShare with all our links without borders. Local communities also shared their updates.

The afternoon was dedicated to a shared vision workshop, where we took time to reflect on the past (Ouishare just turned 4 years), think about what make us proud, what we did achieve and what we regret or wished we had done differently. This ended up with us working on the future: what could be OuiShare in 2 years, that would make us proud? And how can we get there? You can see some illustrations herehere and there. This exercise was good to check how aligned we still were, all together, and each individually.

After that, we had organised a nice dinner and some music in the lounge, a great frame for our inspired and never ending conversations.

Day 2 -Workshops and workshops

Because being in a group, whichever it is, it's always being in relationship with others, the program team and OuiCare group proposed a workshop on « Happy tensions », or how to express our feelings and needs to others using non-violent communication (NVC) tools.

The workshop was led by Sophie Rougevin-Baville, a practitioner in restorative justice and P2P mediation. It was just a taste of what it could be, but the words « Belonging », « Encouraged », « Thankful » came a lot at the end. « Difficult » as well, not that natural for us to speak to each other like this! If you want to know more about it, check those videos here and here.

The afternoon was a time to work on the « now » of OuiShare organisation. Some updates were made about what has been made or evolved since the last summit about governance, participatory budget, community management and separation of global and local budgets. We all had a chance to express our opinions and then a small group worked on a proposal that has been shared at the end of the day.

In the meantime, the team from OuiShare Paris shared with the other communities insights and best practices about what kind of opportunities they saw in France that allowed the structure, and its active members, to be sustainable.

Some raw notes have been taken from this afternoon, you can find them there

In the evening, the Ouishare local team of Badajoz / Espacio Convento had organised a OuiShare talk open to Badajoz people, moderated by Angel where Antonin, Albert and Thomas shared insights about the collaborative economy. 

It was followed by a great Babel Fest where we shared a collaborative buffet with the participants and enjoyed an amazing jazz concert

Day 3 - Time off

Our local team had organized a great day of relaxing and get together activities to discover our surroundings. 

We all met to start the day fresh with a chocolate and churros breakfast, and then OuiShare flock went riding bicycles, guided by our amazing guide Greg! Terraces and a generous Portuguese restaurant punctuated the rest of the day.

Day 4 - OuiShare Now

Fresh and restored from our day off, we did a first session in the frame of a council, ie. a circle where everyone gets the chance to speak, and to listen to everyone's voice about “OuiShare now”.

We all voiced what was important for us today in OuiShare, what values we had in common, what where the tensions that prevented us from being in full "OuiShare love", and heard from all point of views. From that emerged a great sense of belonging and a urge to now go to action time and work together.

The rest of the day was in an open forum format. The following subjects have been treated and brief overview have been shared and video recorded at the end of the day:

  • Consulting global : sharing practices
  • OuiShare & collaborative economy : evolving the common narrative
  • OS Academy / P2P Learning
  • Happy Fest
  • OS Fest Spain 2016
  • Deceleration week future ?
  • OuiShare Values : updating & behaving
  • Welcoming process & connectors management
  • Sharitories

Days 5&6 -Open Forum

We stayed in our energy for working together. We spent some time on Monday morning reviewing the different OuiShare projects for people who didn't know about them.

We then worked in small groups on different topics:

  • Sharitories : updating the cards till very very late!
  • Governance : sharing practices from OS Spain team

  • OS Talents online : see the loomio post here and join the discussion

  • Budget : formulating the proposal

  • and other serendipity work

And this is how the Summit came to an end. We closed it and enjoyed a great sunny time on the rooftop and a last awesome dinner by our talented cooks.

All in all, a great event which we all managed to make productive and fun at the same time!

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